It takes a team

Monique Holland is the principal of Holland Custom Designs and has been designing custom interiors for over twenty years and has designed over 200 spaces! Monique works with most spaces from residential rooms such as family rooms to commercial spaces for office buildings. Her love of interior design has no bounds and she enjoys every aspect of the job! Monique could not do this without a team behind her of workrooms, contractors and installers, and her in-house team.

Monique Holland

Interior decorating and interior design are Monique’s passion! She loves curating and hunting for the perfect pieces for a project.  Working with her clients to help them visualize and implement an interior design solution that aligns with their taste and space is key to making their home more beautiful.

Monique is an artist at heart.  She grew up in a family where clothing was hand-made and furniture reupholstered. By the time she entered high school, Monique wanted to be a fashion designer and spent her high school Home Economics classes making money by making shorts, bathing suits, dresses, prom gowns for her and her friends, and being the school seamstress for the teachers.

With an eye for design, Monique started designing homes for herself and her friends and has now been an interior designer for over twenty years. Monique is very personable and really loves people. Clients say her excitement about their project and the joy she has in her heart about design is evident and it makes them excited!

Erin Jenkins

Erin’s passion for design all started when she was child, secretly rearranging her parents house. Her passion has only grown from there with nearly ten years of design experience.

Erin has an innate eye for color and a vision for creating innovative and inviting spaces. She is dedicated to helping clients realize their visions and staying current on design trends. Erin graduated Interior Design School in 2009.

Marcus Gray

Marcus is a focused, driven individual and has joined Holland Custom Designs to enhance our marketing and public relations efforts. He is currently a Junior at Howard University studying a double major in Strategic Communications and Graphic Design.

Marcus loves to learn and in his spare time likes to engage in learning communities such as Skillshare and Masterclass.