Q: Where are you located?

A:We do not have a store location. We come to you and work in your home, so we know precisely what natural lighting you have and what your surroundings are. We work mostly in Maryland & Washington, D.C.

Q: Do I have to take off work in order to work with an interior decorator?

A: Not necessarily. In many cases, before-work morning appointments are the most productive.

Q: How does Holland Custom Designs work?

A: We literally are a store that comes to you. We meet in your home so that we can get a true feel for you and the space we’ll be creating together. Rooms and colors look different depending on lighting, so it is important to understand the environment of the space. This is especially critical in the small-space projects we so often encounter in historic areas, or in brand-new condos, apartments and town homes.

Q: How can you offer free design services?

A: Because we work like a store, we offer products at a retail price, allowing us to include our services and design time in the price of our products

Q: What happens on my first appointment?

A:Our first appointment is our chance to get to know each other. We will talk about your project, list everything you’d like to accomplish and establish a budget for the project.

Q: How do I determine a budget for my project?

A: Often times, my clients have no idea what the budget should be for their project size. After we list what is to be included in the project, we can suggest a range of alternatives that accommodates your requirements.

Q: Is there a minimum or maximum project size?

A: There is no minimum or maximum project size! We have done projects as small as specifying bathroom wallpaper and as large as whole-house projects, beginning work even before new-home construction was completed. And when clients are thinking about renovating existing spaces, our best results have come when we’ve been called in during the planning phase.

Q: Will you work with my existing pieces/furnishings that are in the room?

A:We actually prefer to work with existing pieces or cherished items.  Living spaces should reflect clients’ personalities. Without pieces or design themes that reflect those personalities, the final look can be cookie-cutter, which is the opposite of what we do.

Q: Do you shop with me in other stores?

A:  No. Because our product library is so diverse and our global network of suppliers is so broad (custom hand-loomed rugs from Tibet, anyone?), we have just about everything needed to complete a room.

Q: What’s the timeframe to get everything in?

A: Depending on the project, things could take from two to twelve weeks. Something simple like wallpaper arrives very quickly. Some upholstered furniture takes many weeks to be custom crafted.

Q: Is it returnable?

A: For the most part, those products are not returnable.